Changing Marketplace Pushes Distributors to Innovate
Maintain your marketplace position and sustain profitability
Distributors have always played a critical role in the sale of goods. Being a middle man between manufacturers and end-users, their place in ensuring that products reach their intended recipients on time and intact was never questioned. However, today manufacturers and retailers are constantly evaluating their relationships and looking at investing in their own distribution networks and the opportunity to supply products directly to consumers. Distributors need to look at ways to innovate, maintain their position in the market, while sustaining their profitability.

Automate and streamline processes

Distributors are constantly looking at how they can do more with less. This means looking at ways to automate business processes and its changing the relationship between customers and suppliers. Customers are expecting the ability to engage and automate from pricing to quoting to contracting and more. Reach more customers and offer more options with products to generate more sales volume.

Attract and retain the right talent

Finding, training and maintaining qualified staff remains a challenge for distributors, who are experiencing this challenge more than ever with the consideration of hard-to-find skills needed for distributors. Invest in the right technology that is user-friendly, provides the access to the right information, and helps staff to do their job quickly and efficiently, has become a viable strategy for retaining employees. This type of technology solution helps not only empower employees to succeed but also reduced time, stress and overall job satisfaction.

Exceed customer expectations

Customers expect more than ever, and distributors must innovate to find new ways to meet these rising customer service expectations on any device or channel. To meet these customer expectations in sales, service and every other area of your business, having visibility into customer data is crucial. Much of that data is locked up in various siloed systems, including ERP, Order Management and other databases. Bringing all of that actionable insight together in one platform that can be accessed by sales, service, marketing and the entire organization is the 360-degree view that distributors need today. Exposing that data and service experience then to customers through an online portal provides the reach necessary to give the heightened service level expected while also reducing unnecessary phone calls and service inquiries when data is available right at the fingertips of your customer 24x7.

Salesforce distribution technology solutions

  • Integration Solutions
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • B2B Commerce Cloud
  • Field Service Lightning
  • CPQ
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Analytics Cloud
  • Extended Platform Solutions

“Trifecta was a great integration partner that took the time to learn our business and support us with time and attention that we needed. They provided a fantastic support team that helped make the integration very efficient. They leaned in and helped in some areas that we planned to handle ourselves. I would use Trifecta in future implementations without question!”

– Steve Addy, Director of Customer Care, Phillips Pet Food & Supplies