Diagnose your eCommerce Deficiencies

Great Basin Scientific looked to Trifecta for help when they were ready to grow, but had an outdated ordering process that was not ready to scale.

The Story


Great Basin Scientific supplies hospitals with sample-to-result molecular diagnostic products. Their system empowers health providers with accurate and timely information to diagnose infectious disease, allowing them to appropriately treat patients to improve outcomes and support antimicrobial stewardship – resulting in shorter hospital stays and dollars saved.


Time is of the essence in the medical industry. As a company that prides itself on “accurate and timely” diagnosis information, Great Basin was growing increasingly dissatisfied with their internal business processes, which were jeopardizing the continued success and growth of the company. Great Basin was utilizing the Salesforce platform, but had not built out a way to accept payment for orders. They were attempting to repurpose standard objects to track orders, which resulted in confusion, duplication, and mistakes. In addition, the Great Basin team was unable to forecast sales for new opportunities vs. recurring customer orders with their standard Salesforce reports. Trifecta was tasked with developing eCommerce capabilities that would streamline the order process, allow visibility of order life cycles, provide accurate reporting and forecasting, and integrate with payments, inventory, and shipping.

“My team desperately needed a streamlined order system; the Trifecta Commerce Order Management App is exactly what I was looking for, especially with the customizations they implemented to meet our needs! I really enjoyed working with the Trifecta team, they are very pleasant and responsive, I look forward to working with them in the future!”

Our Work


The Trifecta team began by implementing Trifecta Commerce, a flexible shopping-cart-based order system, which streamlined Great Basin’s order creation process. The solution had features that enabled Great Basin to clone existing orders to accelerate the process of repeat customers and split shipments of an order to meet customer deadlines. The eCommerce app allowed for advanced product definitions with detail attributes and enabled true order life cycle management throughout the creation, pricing, and fulfillment of products.

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The Results


Trifecta’s solution for Great Basin Scientific effectively customized their Salesforce instance to align with their business process. Employees no longer had to create confusing work-arounds or duplicate work efforts. Great Basin’s sales team and customer service representatives now have a simplified order process, as well as the ability to monitor the growth of new sales and repeat business with accurate reports and dashboards.