Unleash Salesforce Service Cloud to Improve Your Processes

Phillips Pet Food & Supplies aimed to increase collaboration across departments and reclaim time spent on manual tasks through Salesforce Service Cloud with Trifecta’s help.

The Story


Phillips Pet Food & Supplies is a pet specialty business that services pet stores, aquatic stores, feed/farm stores, groomers, veterinarians, and humane organizations with 12 distribution centers across the United States. Phillips Pet Food & Supplies is committed to being the preferred service provider in pet specialty. 


A large challenge for Phillips involved their previously existing system. Using Zendesk, Phillips found their data entry to be time-consuming with execution limited to the Service team. A more efficient system would allow Phillips to reclaim their time spent on data entry.

There was also a lack of visibility between the Sales and Service departments. These departments were siloed and did not allow for a holistic view of the customer. 

Trifecta was a great integration partner that took the time to learn our business and support us with time and attention that we needed. They provided a fantastic support team that helped us make the integration very efficient... I would use Trifecta in future implementations without question!

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Services Provided

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Our Work


Phillips engaged Salesforce Service Cloud to overcome the challenges that their teams were facing. Trifecta enabled Chatter to encourage internal collaboration and visibility across departments. For a full-scope view of their account holders, we developed integrations that pull the desired details and maintain a true source of record for data fields.  

To deliver more freedom with time to the Phillips team, we created automation to eliminate manual tasks. Emails, assignments, and prioritization are no longer time-consuming endeavors. For Sales staff on the road, we implemented Salesforce1 Mobile App so accounts can be managed anywhere.  

The Results


Trifecta’s implementations have increased collaboration between the Sales and Service teams at Phillips. Not only are communications improved, but data also has greater visibility, and their tools are better at assisting the Phillips team.  

Teams now have the ability to rate the success of promotions using customizations to the campaign fields. Salesforce activities and calendar have eliminated the need for manual monthly call planners. Sales teams now have the app to manage their accounts wherever they go.   

Collaboration and data transparency have created a holistic view of the customer that both the Sales and Service departments benefit from.