4 Advantages of using Salesforce Service Cloud

September 19, 2019 | Kendra HollingerThe age-old saying, “The customer is always right” still holds true. However, in today’s world, the problem most businesses need to confront is how to make those customers happy when they’re not face-to-face.

According to Salesforce Research, 62 percent of customers say they share their bad experiences with others. This means service teams need to be more connected to their customers to provide the ultimate customer experience.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Service Cloud is an advanced API powered platform built on Salesforce Customer 360. This simply means your team of service agents will be empowered with a 360-degree view of your customers to provide a more personalized experience.

What are the Advantages of using Service Cloud?

If you’re interested in boosting your service team’s productivity or building brand loyalty you need to keep reading.

The following are just a few pros to implementing Service Cloud, but there are countless others (and our team of Salesforce certified experts can help make the transition effortless).

1. Personalize the Customer Experience

Omni-channel support allows you to support your customers in a way that meets their preferred communication. Service Cloud integrates with other service technologies to make chat, social, email, and app support a breeze.

Thanks to cloud-based technology, the customer can be supported from anywhere and at any time on a variety of devices. Your service agents can experience the same freedom to do their job from anywhere (in the field, at home or at the office).

2. Setting Goals – Eyes on the Prize

In order for your service team to be successful, you’ll need them to set goals. Inside Service Cloud, you’ll be able to set up goals and monitor them. Don’t forget to celebrate as your team works hard to meet them.

The more data your team inputs the more you’ll be able to track and report on monthly and yearly trends in order to make bigger, better goals.

3. Make Customers Feel Empowered

Customers love it when they can help themselves. By extending Salesforce into a self-service portal you can give them access to order history, appointment booking, knowledge articles or even let them pay a bill.

These portals free up your agents and allow them to support customers with larger, time-consuming problems.

4. Simplify Business for Everyone

Connect customer data across different departments and back-end systems to have a clear view of customer data for easy collaboration. Support agents can review customer purchases and confirm tracking all in one place.

Customers love this because they no longer get bounced around from department to department, and records of previous calls help new agents on the case get up to speed quickly.

Ready to learn more about how Service Cloud can help streamline your business processes? Schedule a one on one consultation with our industry experts to learn how you can see a 40% boost in agent productivity.

Kendra Hollinger

Kendra Hollinger is the Vice President of Strategy & Partners at Trifecta Technologies.

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