Let your Products Shine with Commerce Cloud

Wisconsin Lighting Lab’s new eCommerce site creates a single source of truth, unifying the company’s product brands, and successfully creating a user-friendly solution for navigating their robust catalog of products with complex configuration options.

Services Provided

Consulting & Implementation, Custom Salesforce Development, Salesforce Architecture, Salesforce E-Commerce, Project Management, Business Analysis

The Story


Wisconsin Lighting Lab (WiLL) is a company specializing in high-output LED lighting and professional-grade light poles. They have a dedicated team of product experts, problem solvers, welders, machinists, fabricators, engineers, project managers, creatives, and programmers. WiLL products are proudly manufactured in the United States, in Fond du Lac Wisconsin, as well as by dedicated partners across the USA using premium domestic and imported components. They represent nearly 50 years of manufacturing experience, a passion for technology, and a dedication to the future.


Despite being a Salesforce customer, WiLL was utilizing a competitive product for their commerce solution. Unfortunately, that system was not meeting their needs. Their commerce platform lacked integrations, requiring WiLL to create manual work-around solutions to get information back and forth between systems. WiLL also offers an extremely robust product line that requires users to select several options and/or customizations before arriving at the “finished” sale-ready solution. The number of products, options, and customizations led to slow site speed, resulting in user dissatisfaction. Trifecta’s challenge was to implement and optimize the Commerce Cloud solution to create a single source of truth for the customer, accommodate WiLL’s product variations, and do so in a way that results in lightning-fast site speed.
WiLL’s extensive portfolio of lighting products includes sports and infrastructure fixtures that can accommodate projects from small garages to huge sporting arenas.

Our Work


Trifecta’s team migrated WiLL brands from their legacy platform to Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud on Lightning. One aspect of this project involved a significant merging of brands. The WiLL portfolio of lighting, controls, light poles, and communication brands includes WiLLsport™, NAFCO®, LightPolesPlus®, and WiLLcast®. In addition, the company supports The Ledge Games™, an annual outdoor fitness competition, and the WiLL Brew Lab, a fully operational brew room. In developing their new eCommerce Solution, WiLL wanted to merge all their product-related brands into one unified site that showcased the depth and breadth of their portfolio. This effort involved analysis of the existing product information, descriptions, pictures, and videos and adjusting as necessary to ensure consistency and unification of the brands.
WiLL’s portfolio of brands is now represented within one, unified site. Their brands include WiLLsport™, NAFCO®, LightPolesPlus®, and WiLLcast®.

Strategy (cont.)

One of the largest challenges for the team was managing the large product portfolio and seemingly countless options for product combinations and variations. The resulting navigation offers many categories and subcategories of products to help users drill down to exactly the product they require.

Our team developed custom product detail pages. The first piece of the page has basic information about the product, such as its title, description, part number, brand, and lead time information. To assist WiLL in developing consistent, accurate product descriptions across brands and product types, Trifecta developed a formula that combines specific product information fields to auto-create a product’s description. The second component allows users to select configurations, options, and accessories that may be available for that product type. As the user makes their selections, the product price adjusts in real time. Users then have the option to Request a Quote or Add to Cart. If a product has been configured prior to adding it to a cart, the technology will custom call the connect API and place all relevant products and accessories into the cart. Depending on the options selected for a particular product, a user may find that a single “Add to Cart” click adds several products to their cart to create the final desired customization. Trifecta utilized Salesforce CMS to manage the data around products and marketing information, and Pricebooks to manage pricing and entitlements.
Trifecta’s custom PDP allows users to select configurations, options, and accessories that may be available for each WiLL product. As users makes selections, pricing will adjust in real time.

The Results


WiLL’s new eCommerce solution launched in 2021. The Trifecta team successfully merged all of WiLL’s brands onto a single site. WiLL brands had an extremely self-sufficient in-house technology team. By the time Trifecta completed the Commerce implementation – and, between their existing resources and the knowledge transferred by Trifecta’s expert consulting team – WiLL’s internal team felt confident training, enabling, and launching their own solution.

The commerce site fulfilled WiLL’s need for a single source of truth, dialed into all of WiLL’s existing business data systems. As the commerce site is rolled out to clients, WiLL is targeting increased use among their internal sales teams, a reduction in manual labor and efforts, and increased sales and revenue opportunities.