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Trifecta has a long-standing relationship with the MillerKnoll portfolio of brands, providing Managed Services for Knoll since 2016. Our primary goals target improved data quality, increased productivity, and high levels of user adoption.

The Story


Trifecta first began working with Knoll in 2016, prior to their acquisition by Herman Miller and rebranding as MillerKnoll. The MillerKnoll brand portfolio now represents more than a century of design research, with each brand offering a full portfolio of products to suit diverse needs. The Knoll brand’s unique perspective uses modern design inspiration to connect people to their work, their lives, and the world. Knoll was founded in 1938 and is internationally recognized for their manufacturing of workplace and residential furnishings.


As an existing Salesforce client, Knoll recognized the immense potential of fully leveraging the Salesforce Platform. While Knoll had, at times, employed a dedicated Salesforce Administrator to manage their Salesforce instance, they sought a consulting firm who could provide them with the necessary resources to maximize their Salesforce investment. In addition to lacking the internal resources and expertise to manage the day-to-day needs of their Salesforce Org, some additional challenges they faced included inefficient business processes and poor data quality across company divisions.

Supporting Evidence: If available, include data, case studies, or other evidence that further validates the success and impact of your product or service on the customer’s business.

The coordination of discovery, development, and deployment for a single source of truth was necessary to streamline operations.

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Services Provided

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Our Work


Trifecta stepped in to help Knoll optimize its use of Salesforce through a Managed Services contract. Our experts too the time to learn and understand Knoll’s business so we could effectively and efficiently carry out their day-to-day Salesforce Administrative support.

Through our initial Managed Services contract, we identified opportunities for the Knoll team to increase and improve their use and optimized their Salesforce Org to mirror their business processes. Knoll was a Sales Cloud customer, and their instance incorporated several integration points and backend systems. Some of our initiatives included creating new users, designing custom reports and dashboards, adding new fields to capture critical customer data, and building in process automation.

Once Knoll’s Salesforce Platform was aligned with the way they worked, we focused on training and documentation to maximize user adoption. Trifecta’s team provided every Knoll employee with user manuals and training sessions customized to their job function.

Seeing the value of having Trifecta’s team at their disposal, Knoll continued to sign on for subsequent years of Managed Services contracts. Our institutional knowledge of their business has allowed Trifecta to act as an extension of Knoll’s team, swiftly responding to tickets logged in JIRA related to bugs, questions, issues, or process improvements.

Some of the work Trifecta has completed through our Managed Services contract has resulted in larger, strategic projects for Knoll. For example, through the ticketing system, we collaboratively identified inefficiencies within Sales Cloud that could be resolved by converting from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience. Trifecta assembled a project team to convert Knoll’s Org so they could take advantage of features such as the components library and app builder to support customization and third-party apps.

Trifecta also worked closely with Knoll’s team to create custom code to enable and optimize a feature called Knoll Pricing Requests (KPRs). KPRs are a complex pricing and approvals process, driven by Knoll’s wide range of product customizations, that uses product selections and configurations to determine who needs to review and approve pricing before it is released to the client.

What's Next

Future Work:

Trifecta continues to collaborate with Knoll through a Managed Services contract. Our primary initiative for 2022 is supporting Knoll’s Salesforce instance as they undergo a large-scale Org merge, following Knoll’s acquisition by Herman Miller in April 2021. The Trifecta team is sharing institutional knowledge as Knoll’s Sales Cloud instance is rolled into the MillerKnoll Org, which includes Sales, Service, and Community Clouds, to create a single source of truth.