Trifecta and Threekit Launch Accelerator for Salesforce B2B Commerce

February 04, 2021 | Christie Nicas
ALLENTOWN, PA – February 3, 2020 – Trifecta Technologies, a provider of innovative Salesforce solutions, and Threekit, a high-end visualization software company, are proud to announce their new Accelerator Program for Salesforce B2B Commerce.

“The global pandemic has had a massive effect on eCommerce. In addition to the unprecedented growth of online sales, the shift in consumer behavior also highlighted the digital divide,” Martin O’Hara, Senior eCommerce Practice Lead at Trifecta Technologies, said. “Businesses without an online storefront – or with an inadequate online storefront – were faced with an urgent need to digitally transform.”

In response, Trifecta Technologies created a Rapid Start Program that enabled brands to launch an eCommerce storefront in as little as five weeks. Trifecta, a leading Salesforce B2B solution integrator, has more than 28 years of commerce experience across platforms and more than 11 years leveraging the Salesforce Platform to empower organizations. The new Trifecta and Threekit Accelerator takes this idea a step further, not only launching a storefront, but creating unmatched customer experiences through Threekit’s 3D product configurator in as little as seven weeks.

“There is a revolution happening with successful B2B companies right now – they have figured out what top retailers already know: the customer experience is critical” Matt Gorniak, CEO of Threekit, said. “Brands that let business buyers learn, engage, and transact online will win. We’re so excited about partnering with Trifecta because we are giving sales team and buyers the ability to customize and configure products in amazing 3D and AR.”
Trifecta and Threekit’s Accelerator Program effectively transforms the customer experience through proven technology, compelling imagery, and increased consumer engagement.

“3D asset visualization and augmented reality are key to educating, engaging, and converting B2B buyers today. No one understands this quite like Threekit, which is why we’re so excited about this partnership,” John Rago, Chief Operating Officer at Trifecta Technologies, said. “Uniting Threekit’s connector technology with Trifecta’s commerce expertise and pre-designed accelerators creates tremendous opportunity for rapid ROI.”

Trifecta’s Rapid Start Program, with Trifecta and Threekit’s Accelerator, follows a proven methodology to achieve a fully functional eCommerce storefront with highly configurable products. It includes discovery, consulting, and implementation services from Trifecta, starting at $49,500 and launching in seven weeks. Current Salesforce B2B Commerce customers can add the Accelerator to an existing implementation within one week for as little as $8,500. Both variations of the program include three months of free software licensing, with an average value of $8,000, from Threekit.

“Through our Rapid Start Program and now the Trifecta and Threekit Accelerator Program, we have minimized barriers to entry, making it easy for companies to get started with Salesforce B2B Commerce,” Kendra Hollinger, VP of Strategy, Sales, and Marketing at Trifecta Technologies, said. “In as little as 5-7 weeks, our team will produce amazing content that will drive confidence, conversion, and operational efficiency.”

For more information on Trifecta’s Rapid Start Program or the Trifecta and Threekit Accelerator Program, contact John Rago at Trifecta Technologies at

Christie Nicas

Christie Jephson Nicas is the Director of Marketing at Trifecta Technologies.