Trifecta Commerce Expert Named to Salesforce Advisory Board

July 01, 2021 | Christie Nicas

Trifecta: An Expert in Commerce

Trifecta specializes in B2B Commerce, with more than 30 years of experience providing Commerce solutions to leading brands. Trifecta is a top Salesforce partner in implementing B2B Commerce, having launched solutions for brands such as AMMEX, Gemline, and Star Milling. These implementation projects are having massive impact for our clients, saving them time through automated processes, enabling sales through robust content, enhancing the buyer experience through personalization, and creating opportunity through analytics.

Trifecta: An Expert in Commerce

As a result of our success and commitment to the Commerce Cloud product, Trifecta’s Martin O’Hara was selected to be one of the 12-15 individuals (across more than 1,800 global Salesforce partners) for the Salesforce B2B Commerce Consulting Partner Advisory Board (PAB).
Martin is Trifecta’s Senior eCommerce Practice Lead and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He has spearheaded more than 100 successful implementations and specializes in eCommerce applications and integrations. In addition to developing and delivering solutions for Trifecta’s clients, Martin is also responsible for the continued evolution of Trifecta’s Commerce practice, including strategy, hiring, and management.
PAB members were carefully nominated and selected on an invitation-only basis. The PAB will allow top, trusted commerce experts to work closely with the Salesforce team to guide program, product, and industry solutions with the ultimate goal of improving the customer experience and co-defining the future of scalable and cost-effective products.

What PAB Membership Means

As a part of this elite group, Martin will leverage his experience and knowledge of market trends to share insights and uncover new opportunities.
“I am honored to have been selected as a member of the Salesforce B2B Commerce Consulting Partner Advisory Board. During my tenure on the Board, I hope to contribute to the continuous improvement of the B2B product, solving our clients’ key business challenges through strategic vision and cross-cloud solutions.” Martin O’Hara, Senior eCommerce Practice Lead
This announcement is exciting not only because it is a testament to Trifecta’s commitment to the Commerce Cloud product, but it also presents a unique opportunity for our clients, partners, and prospects. As a member of the PAB, Martin and the Trifecta team will have the chance to influence Salesforce’s strategic initiatives and pilot new product features, allowing us to better serve our customers.
“Martin’s appointment to the B2B Advisory Board an important step for Trifecta in signaling to the market that we are a leader in the Salesforce B2B Commerce space. This is an accomplishment that Martin shares with our entire B2B Commerce team. Trifecta stands firmly behind Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, because we’ve seen the value it can deliver to our clients when paired with the world’s number one customer engagement platform. We look forward to collaborating with Salesforce on expanding and evolving its capabilities.” John Rago, Trifecta’s Chief Operating Officer

Want to Know More?

In the interest in better serving our clients, Martin and his team has developed a Commerce webinar series that explores common hurdles that block B2B Commerce success. In our first webinar, available on demand here, we discussed the importance of data quality, integrations, and analytics. Our next webinar, coming up in August, will focus on managing your new solution post-launch.

Christie Nicas

Christie Jephson Nicas is the Director of Marketing at Trifecta Technologies.